Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Pumpkin Season

I've never really been one for Halloween, actually my interest waxes and wanes with the years, but growing up in Florida it was never a big deal. Then we moved to Utah when I was 11 and things changed. I have never been anywhere that Halloween is celebrated more. Every house is decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, scarecrows, hay barrels, spiderwebs, and far more grotesque paraphernalia. I love the creative process of decorating, crafting, and making own mother made us elaborate costumes every year when we were young. My 11th Halloween, however, I tried my hand at making my own costume which was a cardboard box that I removed the bottom, cut a whole in the top, and painted to look like a dice. I thought it was pretty creative...until it snowed that year. What did I know, I was a Floridian in a strange country! After that, dressing up wasn't as fun; you are too limited when it's that cold outside.

So here I am in my adulthood, fantasizing about the costumes I will one day make for my own children, but still torn between the communal celebration and the traditions of old. For what purpose do we celebrate it anyway? I realize that the church has always tried to soften it and provide alternatives, but I'm still not sold.

Well, either way, I still love pumpkins and always will. I guess the traditional fall vegetable to use was raddishes, but when the holiday came to America we had pumpkins in abundance, and so they became our standard. As for these pumpkins, they were in a sweet little patch on Coast Highway (or the PCH, or hwy 1), just across the street from Swami's (local beach) and the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, built in 1937. I love this ephemeral pumpkin patch and have been waiting a couple of years to get in there for some pictures to use for paintings. I am doing a study right now, and so far I like it. Check back later: I'll post it when it's finished.

So whether you carve, smash, bake bread or the seeds from your pumpkins this season, enjoy yours as I am enjoying mine by the sea.


Jessie Jansen said...

so i just wrote you the longest comment in the world and it didn't go through. anyhoo, what i was sayyyyying was...
i don't think i will ever tire of being inspired and encouraged by your creativity, your heart and your appreciation for the life that grows around you. it is indeed a blessing to wake up and find God in something new and know Him more because of it. it is a blessing to kiss your best friend again and again and share the awesomeness of this journey together. it is indeed a blessing to explore the nooks and crannies of this great big world and be inspired to create because of it. it is indeed a blessing to have a friend as wonderful as you.

love the blog, love the title, love you.

Mick and Tiff said...

I never knew about your dice costume. That is pretty funny! I too, think that it is not quite as fun with costumes in Utah because all you see is makeup on these kids faces covered by a big gigantic coat when someone comes to your door. Maybe I will come spend my holiday at your house! Cute blog by the way.