Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rossana as Smarty the Clown

After about an hour of drawing and an hour of painting.
I did a yellow underpainting on the dress to allow for the yellow stripes to show from under the red plaid. This was easier than masking, and gave a warmer hue to the red.

This is my sweet Italian friend, Rossana. If you knew her you would see a woman whose primary desire in life is to love others. She has left her heart in Mexico several times and is completely unashamed of being crazy in love with Jesus. Here, she is blessing little children with her sweet, funloving spirit that she wears even after the clown clothes come off.

When I met her 5 years ago she informed me that most northern Italians do not have curly hair like her, she showed me her attempt at a New York accent, she folded huge cuffs in her jeans when we visited the Uffizi, and taught me how to say "get out of the way!" as we spiraled our way to the top of the bell tower in Florence. Once when we met her at the train station at 7am she had already been there for an hour passing out tracts in the parking lot.

So you see, when I happened upon this photo of her as Smarty, how could I not immortalize her with a brush? If you're ever in Piacenza, near Milan, stop by...I'm sure you'll be blessed.


Gregg said...

You captured her perfectly! And I actually have a friend who has business in that city, I'll tell him to look for her next time.

Mick and Tiff said...

After getting your facebook message I came to your blog and listened to Joy. I really like it! She is almost as talented as my friend, Lindsey Hornkohl. You may know her. She paints, draws and creates such wonderful stuff!