Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art at the Beach...What Could Be Better?

...especially if it's with this super cute guy! This husband has been mine for almost 6 years and I still have such a crazy crush on him. I followed him around the Oceanside Days of Art Festival on Sunday and filled my camera with great shots of his cute mug. Please excuse the gushing.
And a day spent at the beach with the Husband by my side and surrounded by art is a good free date indeed!
Palm trees make me happy. That's the library in the back, right on Coast Highway...anyone want to join me?
So, I'd love to know: what is your favorite free date?


Dionne said...

That is an AWESOME free date. How cool!

Every year in June in Pasadena, CA they have the Chalk Art Festival (http://www.pasadenachalkfestival.com/).
I competed in it twice, and it is so fascinating to see what everyone draws - they have free iced coffees and desserts all day too!

Dionne said...

Oh, and it's for a whole weekend too, and on the Sunday, they also have a car show - so if you go on a Sunday, you get to see the finished art AND a bunch of cool cars AND have free treats - I highly recommend checking it out on a Sunday if you go.

A Lady's Life said...

Looks like a lot of fun.
My free date would be the same as yours.lol

You gals got me in the mood to paint a few cats
Once they are done I will show them to you.
I have many paintings I started but they never get finished. Better get to it. lol

Jaime said...

Wow Lindsey- 6 years! I've been married just as long! And free dates? I'm not very creative. We usually do dinner, movie, shopping, sports event, etc. We need some free date ideas as well!!!


Awww sound like Fun! Street/public art is always so delightful... XO*

bethany said...

I'm a fan of any fabulous public display of art as a free date opportunity! My favorite cheap date as of late is coffee and cards in the park after dark (near a light source!). It's quiet and peaceful, and a little out of the ordinary!