Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shoe + Shell = Greeting Card

Here's one thing I did today.And I posted it in my Etsy shop just for you.
Now it's time to make some home made pizzas.


Dionne said...

Oooh what lovely boots, I want a pair! Great job on these, they're lovely!

Yum, homemade pizza is the best! Sounds delish! We had Alfredo Lasagna last night, but pizza is so perfect for Spring. I want to make Greek pizza and take it on a picnic. Loaded with fetta and spinach. Yum!

lori vliegen said...

these are fab-u-lous!! i definitely think you need to carve a stamp using these designs! oooh, the possibilities! your watercolors are beautiful!

i've had SO much fun looking through your blog! LOVE the ladybugs did you know that's one of my favorite movies...and the scene where katherine tells the ladybug story is one of my all-time favorites!!


A Lady's Life said...

Did you design them yourself???

Miss Aimee said...

post your exclusions list on your blog(maybe the side bar so you can remind yourself if need be) and link to my intro post so more people can join us! I am very excited. I went to a trunk show for a talented fashion designer friend today and DID NOT BUY A THING!!! yeah! it was so hard.