Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Had an Extra Hour Yesterday

Seagulls dive-bombing
Baby boomers catching a wave
The sun's occasional "I'm still here" warming me from between patches of the marine layer

I'm sitting on the steps of a private residence whose tenants are most certainly away, as the off season is coming to a close, and signs are posted, ironically, on the friendly rocks which say "keep off." This seems so contradictory to us, the family of beach-goers, we who gladly share the sand and sun and wet wonder that is the ocean wave.
A brown squirrel scampers in front of me and I swear he's wearing a name tag that says "Chip"...or at least he wears his name by his appearance, just like those guys who you can tell are named Stan or Joe just by looking at them.

There's a slight impending doom brought on by the thundering crashes of the tide coming in, but no one seems to care. Especially the two 7-year-old girls in pink swimsuits, ruffles on their hips, who know no fear. A couple wakes from their sandy bed as the infant between them announces it's time to go home.

The surfers come in and peel off their wet suits and I remember the bathtub water the Atlantic boasted in my childhood in Florida. Well, we have better waves here in the Pacific. And no bugs.
The sun hasn't yet started to paint the sky, and so,

I stay a little longer.

Lord, I love it here.


Jessie Jansen said...

ahhhh you are so right. i absolutely loved that post...hearing your heart...seeing the california sand and ocean...i know EXACTLY what that feels like when i close my eyes. you are so beautiful and your words are pure poetry. we must be soul sisters, as my heart echoes yours.

the big day is june 20th and we'll be headed that way on the 24th. not sure yet when we'll have a get together...but you will know when it happens! i love you and miss you. hope jon jon's enjoying the jeep :O)

lori vliegen said...

beautiful post. i love to go and sit on the beach, even if it's only for 20 minutes, it always helps me to put life back into perspective. i'm on the atlantic side, and you're right about the bugs! :)

Dionne said...

Yep, the beaches in Cali are soooo much better than whatever this stuff is they call the beach in Texas.

Great word-painting, I can imagine it so clearly!

Melody said...

I can't wait to watch the sun go down over the Pacific. My fav spot to do that is Monterey but So. Cali will do for this trip.

stephanie said...

i love it and wish i was there!

photojoy said...

Just beautiful. Your words came just straight in my mind.

PS~Erin said...

What a beautiful picture you painted. Great post.

Gregg said...

Paint that wall.

mic said...

so so pretty! i love the beach in the off-season.

it's been rainy here in NYC this week, but you have inspired me to paint my toes a pretty color and break out my flip flops. (even if i can only wear them in my apartment!)

SpillingHeart said...

Oh how gorgeous! What perfect ambiance to be surrounded with! It makes you want to be a writer, doesn't it? :) And yes, I am in the works of writing a song! I'm a 'cause' person so I like to write songs that are more inspirational, with lyrics that are very raw, intense, and even a bit quirky. That's my favorite type of music: intense & quirky. hehe Thanks for asking! I'm excited about it!

jen jacobs said...

OHHH I miss the beach in Cali. I am jealous that you are able to sit outside in the fun like that. Man, we need some sunshine sent ourway.

Anna Ander said...

Oh, I so desperately want to live by the beach one day! The picture of your feet on the sand nearly killed me. Over here Spring's coming along nicey, but we're a far cry from any beach going yet... Thanks for stopping by!