Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet the Rutabegas

We live on the water. Who can say that? Jon and I love to go explore the murky green, but this week we've been doing it without the slime.
The last couple of days the husband and I have taken out our neighbor's paddle boat and explored all the neighboring coves. We scope out all the giant homes on the water as we bronze our little bodies. But the very best part is the ducks that paddle about with us!The first day we went out, we were barely five feet from the dock when a Mama and her 5 ducklings came speeding like little rockets across the water to squeak hello at us, and ask us if we had anything to eat. Now you already know that I like these little fellas, but these friends are trying so hard to get us to notice them. They followed us out of our cove, and nearly out of the next one on the first day, but today Dad was with them so they must have been a bit more adventurous because they came with us out onto the main body of the lake.They told me their names today, and some of them did tricks. They are Bernice and Malcom Rutabega, with Fluffy, Feather, Fern, Falcon, and Fivel.When we got back they were there waiting. They escorted us home and asked, are you sure you don't have anything to eat? They did some turns and shook their feathered heads, looked at us sideways, and swimmered off.I wonder if they are related to these guys. If so, it must be a distant relation, cuz the Rutabega family was much more easy going.


Dionne said...

Awwwww - how cute! I love how they followed you around like the secret service, lol.

This reminds me of when I still lived in Cali, and Brian lived here in Houston. I would go to visit him, and the apartment he had back then was on the lake, and all the little ducklets would waddle out of the lake and across the road. I was always fearful that someone would run over them!

paula said...

how wonderful, my kiddos would go crazy over this!

cee + kell said...

you are your mother's daughter...the duck names...i love it!

Pamela said...

I love the little ducklings!! We saw some at our lake this week...I told my little girl the mom and dad was Mr. and Mrs Mallard duck from the childrens book Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. Have you read it before? So, so cute. They hatch 8 little ducklings named Jack, Pack, Oack, Mack, Nack, Kack, Quack, and Lack.

I'm so sorry for the delayed response to your question about who designed my business cards/jewelry tags!! A gal named Charyce designed them for me. She was wonderful to work with! Her website is

Have a wonderful weekend!

Gaia said...

Just a quick hello before I leave for the beach!
Talk to you on monday!

Have a nice weekend too!

jen jacobs said...

Way Cute Linds. Love ducks! And I love that you go out rowing with your husband. Sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon.