Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Tripping: San Clemente

One of Orange County's best kept secrets, this "Little Spanish Village" is a diamond of a town with the feeling of being pulled between the buzz of the OC and the lull of San Diego.

My sweet friend got married last week in a tiny Swedish town and I had the pleasure of watching it live online. Jessie and her very tall husband are coming back to So Cal for a down home reception in her native city of San Clemente. So Jon and I day tripped it over the Ortega Mountains, down through San Juan Capistrano (which boasts a pretty great beach life itself) and found ourselves quite hungry. We stopped at one of our most favorite local joints, Pipes, which got us California dreamin' and ready for the sand and surf.
We found the pier with quaint shops and tiny beachy restaurants, artists were sprawled out along the shore and every child donned painful shoes as their piggies craved the sand. Dad's carried the boogie boards and everyone had only what clothing, baggage, or toys were absolutely necessary. Going to the beach is about being carefree (and carry-free).So I planted myself above the pier and did my thing. I'm not a plein aire painter, but I had fun, and I'm learning. I hope this makes a good wedding present. Oh, and I scooped up a jar of sand for her to take back to Sweden to gaze at and dream over when she missed us here on the Pacific.

I'd love to know, what are your favorite day trips in your area?


Pamela said...

How fun! Let's favorite day trips would be to the Oregon Coast--it's enough time to play in the sand, fly a kite, devour clam chowder at Mo's, and window shop. :) I also love to hike Silver Creek gorgeous!

It looks like the So Cal blog luncheon was a HIT!! I wish I could have been there!

p.s. I love your hair, btw. So pretty!

Dionne said...

I love San Clemente. We usually go there for 4th of July, because it's never as crowded as places like Huntington and Santa Monica, and it's waaaaay prettier. The township itself reminds me of the town of Noosa I left back in Aussieland.

Great Day Trips here in Houston would have to include the Miller Theatre. It's an open air theater that has FREE plays and musicals. You can either sit under the covered area, or set up a picnic on the hill to watch. Definitely a great place to spend some time relaxing with friends.

Dionne said...

OOoh , and I am so linking that Masden too! That is the cutest bike ever!

SK said...

I lived in LA for two years before moving to Boston for school but I always go back for the holidays and sometimes summer vacations... I will definitely have to take a drive down to San Clemente! It looks charming!

Here in Boston I like to take day trips/weekend trips to Providence, RI. It only takes about an hour by train and there's always cool stuff to do there!

Nicole Marie said...

san clemente is where my family is from! we've spent the last 3 days at calistoga beach. growing up the pier was one of my favorite beach to go to because of the swings and ice cream stand!

Gregg said...

I like to go to bike shops.

Olivia Rae said...

that looks like SUCH a lovely day, and a beautiful little place. I'd love to vacation there!