Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot Dog, & Me in 7

There's this great little place in Buena Park called Portillo's where hot dogs are gourmet meals and even a grilled cheese with pickles becomes a delicacy over which a girl's mouth waters and taste buds are tickled.
Jon gets the dogs, but grilled cheese is such the way to go, especially for a vegetarian!

Oh, and I was tagged by Gaia, my sweet Italian amici:

a Picture
Image via A Cup of Jo
a Poem
Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...

a Song
she sings hallelujah
when all has become nothing
her hope in the savior, has colored all she does
and taints the way she loves
she sings hallelujah, and falls to the ground again
with hands stretched up to the sky
waiting for the day, she'll hear the father say...
-Newsboys, Hallelujah

a Phrase
It is what it is.

an Item of Clothing
The ubiquitous flip flop.
A staple for every So Cal girl and any girl who loves summer.

a Place
The West Bank of Israel...
where my brother-in-law's recently stolen car now waits for a ransom.

Read the story here.

a Princess
I'm not really the Princessy type,
but if I had to pick, I'd be Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).


lyndsey | paper girl said...

hi lindsey! so...i found out who you are after reading dionne's recap of the blogger's lunch, and felt like i HAD to say hi.

my name is lyndsey too [though obviously spelled differently], i'm married & living in so cal too, i have an etsy shop too. i even love flip flops too :)

i couldn't make it to the lunch on sunday but i feel like you and i would have been friends if we had met. so i just wanted to give you a blog-wave and say hello! hope you don't mind if i start reading your blog :)

Dionne said...

I want to be Sleeping Beauty too! She was always me fave Disney Princess!!!

And that food sounds sooo good. Who knew junk food could be pretty?

brandi milne said...

Well hell, where do you live, cus I'm in Huntington Beach!! Where is that place in Buena Park???????? RA!!

Jonathan Hornkohl said...

Mmmm. Portillos. I must say, the best looking thing there was you, my love. Good way to end our anniversary. Can't wait til the next one.

Mick and Tiff said...

That grilled cheese actually looks pretty good. Almost as good as the cute girl that's eating it... I just checked your etsy for that darling cherry bowl. I am too late. It was super cute!! And flip flops- that is all my closet has from may-Sept.... I love it!

SK said...

I DID NOT KNOW that there is a Portillo's in Southern California! I grew up in Chicago so I always went to Portillo's and Barnelli's with my family... wow another place to go to when I'm back home!

Thanks :)