Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holding My Nose, Into the Mud Puddle I Go

Ahhh, friends, I have been swamped this week in writing curriculum for a new 6th grade art class, building all my own lesson plans from scratch for three sections of a HS Art 1 class, and reteaching myself how to teach art to elementary students. Add to that the responsibility of ordering all art supplies for the department for the first time which took two full days of work, one full week of meetings from 8:00 to 3:00 and somehow, just somehow, blogging has slipped through the cracks.

I am singing praises for a full-time teaching schedule this year (which includes benefits, woo hoo!), and the opportunity to teach with my husband again. But all these blessings means less time to craft, sew, crochet, paint, blog, and even sit down and watch TV.
I'm excited about new directions and know they will be reflected here on my blog and look forward to the new face of my little online outlet. Aside from all that, I did find a few spare moments to add this piece to my shop. With cold weather soon to be around the corner a cowl is a perfect addition to any wardrobe...they are going to be all the rage this fall.This time next week we will have had a Color Wheel Pot Luck, made another color wheel out of frosting and animal crackers, and I have a revisitation to one of my own HS art projects planned. I was recently at a friend's house in which she has framed an oil pastel pointillist landscape. While I too did this project in High School, I did NOT enjoy it and don't even think I finished it. However, the pride with which she kept, framed, and displayed it encouraged me to try this again with my own Pamela Potter

What art projects did you love and hate in High School or Junior High? I'd love some ideas and feedback if you have a minute to spare your thoughts.


cee + kell said...

Hello, my lovely. I'm so excited to live your new adventures vicariously!

One of my favorite class projects was from a college design and composition class. We were exploring shape and color and were given 5 or 6 pieces of 4x6 artboard to paint. We penciled each board with same design (whatever we wanted...mine was very pop-arty) but we changed the color scheme for each (monochromatic, analagous, etc.)...BUT HERE'S THE COOL PART!...then we mailed each one to a different member of the class. That way, we each ended up with a little collection of art cards. It was really fun and memorable. I think I still have them somewhere in the recesses of my supply closet.


Melody said...

Can't really think of any project that I felt strongly about either way.

I do however L-O-V-E Your new hairstyle!


Dionne said...

Ooooh, busy times ahead! How fun though! And it sounds like you've been super productive, adding new things to your store!

Hmmmmm... highschool art - I loved stipling drawing, and doing triptych stuff. But I really found Still Life to be BORING because the items the teacher chose for us to draw the first year were so dull. So make sure that if they are doing Still Life stuff, you have some quirky, not every-day pieces!

amy and ann said...

you are too cute.

Shelley said...

I loved my high school art teacher, Mr. B. J. Adams... silkscreening, etching, portrait work, printmaking. He was an artist that was well rounded and he knew how to teach and motivate. I appreciate his patience and the freedom he allowed us to learn different mediums. I loved learning to etch, metal plates, acid and inking for the press. It was great. I had the privilege of telling him how he had influenced me before he passed from cancer. That was a gift, also. Sometimes we don't get that gift. I told him thank you and that meant the world to me.