Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's Crafty & The Return of Mr. H

I've been busy this week. Doesn't it feel so good when you get to be creative and are productive and don't just let the couch potato habit define you any longer? Viva la crafting!

So while both my hair and my backside have been growing (it's amazing what a whole summer of inactivity will do to the waistline), I've been in the craft room playing with felt once again; find them here in my shop. I also found an old apron pattern that I revisited with this great retro print that I think would fit like a puzzle piece in any Thanksgiving kitchen.
On a side note, I'd like to announce the return of my husband as a teacher to my school! He and I were both hired at a private school in San Diego 5 years ago, but he soon got ants in his pants to be more involved in sports and left to become an athletic director. He quickly discovered how much he missed the classroom, and after a very messy process, was hired once again to teach 9th grade Bible and PE. Check out his somewhat cryptic take on the proceedings here on his blog.

He'll be just *2 classrooms* away in our already smallish school, and the icing on the cake is that I get to force him organize my art room once again. He's so good at it and I am so not.

Additionally, the house hunt continues. We've already placed offers on six houses and none are looking optimistic. Our difficulty as first-time home buyers is that we are up against those who can afford to buy in our price range will cash. How can we compete with that? We're trying to be patient, but with that housing credit requiring us to close December 1st, it's getting a little too close for comfort. Frustration won't get us anywhere, so we are optimistic and perseverant and will let you know when we find the perfect home.


PS~Erin said...

Very exciting stuff going on. How cool to be coworkers!

You're craftiness looks so good on your short do!

Jessie Fincham said...

It makes me feel good too when i get creative and produce some crafty projects! i know exactly how you feel :) Your felt hair pieces are lovely, wonderful blog! Thank you for following my blog and your lovely comments too, i read them all :) x

Sara said...

Oh how I adore those cute little headbands! I've never thought those would look cute in my hair, but maybe someday soon I should get over it and just try?!

Good luck with the house hunt! We are in the same situation, and yes...that Dec. 1st deadline is coming fast!

Also, thank you for the camera advice. I've been looking at some of the rebel xt models online and it looks like an awesome camera!

Ashley Taylor said...

My husband and I just bought a house in May after searching since January! It was definitely a sticky process and very, very frustrating at times (we also put in offers, were rejected, missed 3 closing dates, etc...) but now that we are in our home we LOVE it! And we love making it ours. So, good luck to the both of you! It will come together even though it often times looks bleak! :)

Dionne said...

I love your latest additions, they are so fun and cute!

Yay for you two working so closely together! That's gotta be awesome!

And I am sure that when the perfect house God has for you comes up - He will direct you right to it, and make sure the door is wide open for you to go on in!

Ashley Taylor said...

Thank you for your comment! :) Unfortunately, we live in Oklahoma and our Farmer's Market only goes until October. I love your blog a lot, btw! My husband and I had an engagment ceremony at Oceanside Beach in May of 08. His Grandparent's live in Hemit (sp) and are unable to travel far so we did that with them since they couldn't come to our wedding. We are in love with your state though! I'm also in the process of trying to be vegetarian, but I don't know if I can give in fully. I love fish so much, so maybe I'll more fitted to be a pescatarian. :) Thanks for stopping by! Your comment made my day!

Carlita said...

so our house took 6 months to finally get everything signed and done, but it's so worth it! and i'm sure your process will be the same {but hopefully not as long!}

i'll send out good house vibes yoru way :)

Kate8085 said...

I love the stuff you have been working on, so pretty!
Buying a house is always a nail biter, but it will all come together.
Wonderful news about your husband,
the hubs and I worked together for awhile and it was great! (I was the organizer of the pair, though. haha)

Ashley Taylor said...

How funny! Maybe so! Their names are Ray & Gloria Taylor and they live somewhat near the lake that was just built in the area. Their house is in a neighborhood a bit away from the actual city and by several mountains. My husband thinks (but he doesn't know - I'll have to ask my Mother-in-law) that they used to go to Hemet Valley Church, but I'm not sure if that's right.

Blair said...

Oh, I love all your craftiness--your shop has so many adorable things! That is so exciting about your husband and keeping my fingers crossed about a house!

Pamela said...

I love those hair pieces! Isn't felt the best? It's so fun to try out new ideas...

Good luck with the housing situation!!