Thursday, August 20, 2009

TB or not TB?

I could never be a nurse, unless, of course it was for Halloween.

Jon and I had to go get our TB tests done today for school.
I DO NOT like needles, but Jon always watches.
Are you a cringer like me or a watcher like him?

On a very sad note, I left my camera in SLC and
there's NO way I'm waiting 'til Christmas to get it back.
Do I trust the US mail to get it to me safely?


maggisaar said...

I totally watch the needle going in and coming out, but it's because I'm weirdly fascinated.

Watching the IV going into my arm in an ER was a weird feeling.

Pamela said...

What a darling picture!! I'm with you--I'm a cringer. I can never look at the needle pierce the skin. But do you want to know what's funny?? As a dental hygienist I have no issues with giving shots in the mouth, or receiving them. But there's just something about getting shots in the arm...ewwww!

p.s. Clever post title! hehe

Mick and Tiff said...

Can I tell you I LOVE that picture of you.. how cute is that?

I HATE needles. When getting my epidural for Addy I told Mick "I do not want to see that needle from the second he comes inside my room to the second he leaves!" So no, I do not know how long those needles are like everyone talks nor will I ever.

I could always bring your camera with me in a couple weeks when I come. I am not sure how close I am staying to you but we could figure something out.... if you want to wait until the 6th of Sept?

Kate8085 said...

I always look, but well, when you are in the tattoo industry, they tend to not freak you out! hahaha.

The camera will be fine, just put some insurance on it!

That pic is too cute!

Mrs Charlie said...

I am a cringer like you. Yikes! Just the thought makes me feel nauseated..

Dionne said...

Ugh, I really don't like needles either. So we are both babies. I am glad I am not the only one, hahaha.

Oh no! No camera? Yes, I wouldn't be able to wait either. Mailman, please be good to Lindsey's camera!

Gregg said...

One of my (very) many favorite pictures of you.

mic said...

i cringe and then pass out!
that picture is too adorable!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Hey Lindsay,
Thanks for passing by and leaving such kind comments...I look forward to seeing the mural your painting.
I love the picture of you when you were little...
Needles...I really don't mind them, and have to watch.
Our little Ash has 2 on Monday before the start of school...hope she doesn't freak!

Scarlett said...

You have a blog! YEA! I actually am not on FB alot. I spend most of my time blog "stalking." LOL!

You look just as gorgeous as ever! Love the short hair.

Looks like you and your hubby are doing so great! My hubby wishes he was in Canyon Lake with you guys. I've never been, but I still wish I was there, too.

Are you in touch with anyone else from discover? Russ or Jamie? It was not the same after you left. You were always the life of the party. I'm glad you are able to work while expressing your talents at the same time, instead of being stuck in a cubicle talking to angry customers about why the have finance charges.(Don't miss that at all!)
So glad we are in touch again!

Kotori said...

How cute is that photo? When do you head back to work?

jen jacobs said...

Miss you Linds! What an aborable photo of you.

Kate said...

What a little cutie!!
Well, oddly enough, I do not mind having blood drawn and I like to watch so I know what I am feeling and why. Getting shots, on the other hand, I HATE!

Tabitha said...

a cringer and a crier. i confess. i still cry when i have to get shots. it just happens. it scares me. haha. i'm putting off the immunizations i need to get into the credential program until the very last possible second!

Shelley said...

I absolutely loved making you Halloween costumes, even tho I didn't like Halloween! You were adorable!!! At least you don't faint at the sight of blood!!!