Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ice Cream Is Necessary

Image here.
Ice Cream WILL in fact be necessary after my root canal today.
When I was in High School, whenever I had to get my braces tightened my orthodontist gave us a coupon for a handspun milkshake from the mom & pop joint around the corner. My favorites have always been Butterfinger, and I still love to mix creamy Peanut Butter with French Vanilla.
What's your favorite milkshake flavor? Strawberry? Oreo? Cookies and Cream? Banana and Peanut Butter?


maggisaar said...

Mmm, I think my favorite is Mint & Chip. I love all things minty! Although chocolate comes in a close second.

Did you know you can get In & Out to mix all 3 flavors of shake into one? The Neapolitan. It's amazing.

Dano said...


but mint chocolate chip is a close second lol.

check out s|n|o|w

Dionne said...

I have three - it all depends on the weather and my mood as to which I choose on a given day:

- Vanilla (yes, it's boring, but it's like a comfort-food milkshake)

- Dark Chocolate Fudge (when I feel like something rich and super thick)

- Pina Colada (when I want something light and summery)

Anonymous said...

Bear lake raspberry and marshmellow! Aunt Zaurie

saraweaver81 said...

Hope the root canal went well!!

I LOVE chocolate shakes with strawberry OR Heath added. But even better than a shake is Nelson's frozen custard. Their concretes are to die for!!

Kotori said...

Oh so sorry about the root canal... hope you've recovered. My favorite is Reese PB Cup (mixed with chocolate... not vanilla!)

Emily Hatch said...

Did you go to Dr. McDonough? I loved those Woody's shakes. My favorite was peanut butter.