Monday, February 22, 2010

Martha Stewart Also Went To Jail

Do you ever feel like, "Why does bad stuff always happen to ME?"

My husband can charm his way out of anything, get free stuff from anyone, and has somehow always avoided getting a traffic ticket.Then there's me, who didn't try to get out of jury duty, although there are surely ways I could have tried. I called diligently every day, finagled my way through the inconveniently and sorely ill-functioning phone system, and was told all week that my services were not needed.

But today I got a pretty pink letter in the mail that said I will now be looking at a GIANT fine &/or jail time because I didn't show up last month.

This means I must now show up on Thursday, or they will take my first-born. Ugh. Excellent way to ensure my pride in being a responsible citizen.

Anyway, something else that's pink, but with far more smiles, is this new Giant Market Tote in Bubblegum which is now making it's appearance in my shop. Check out the great price, just in time for Spring to come roaring in....I hope I can enjoy it from this side of the bars!


Dot said...

Good luck hun!

I'm sure they will straighten it all out... but in any case I bet you look better than martha in orange! :)


Jen Jacobs said...

What a riot. You got pink slipped? Man on Man. Well that spring bag is freaking cute.

Erika said...

Yikes! I know exactly what you mean. I did a little dance the day my husband actually got his first ticket after being pulled over several other times. Best of luck!!!