Monday, April 12, 2010

Glimpses of Our New Home

I always promised myself that if I were to start a blog, I wouldn't let it go by the wayside. Alas, here she sits, neglected and left wanting. Those who visited regularly have now become bored, no doubt, and for good reason too! I haven't visited you either in quite some time!

Well, here's why. You know that word busy?

Moving (and the entire process of buying a home, not to mention the 2 hour daily commute before we moved) has been an all consuming business.

Moving in takes a while. We have to introduce ourselves to it and wait for it to introduce itself right back. So we are not entirely out of boxes yet, but lots of you dears have asked for pics, so I've tried to capture a few corners and vignettes of our house which is quickly becoming a home.
Still in boxes, but back at the beach.I love my Man. I love sharing hardwood floors with him.
I have 2 rosebushes: one inherited, one a housewarming gift.Sunshine and a perfect place to read.The craft room. Need I say more?

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KristenB said...

Your craft room looks so great! I wish my art room looked more like that and less like a scene from hoarders! =O