Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Twilight of Summer

The sun has set on my summer. School is back in session and I have the busiest schedule I've ever had.

Despite the crazy shortness of our summer (because we changed our school year to an earlier start and end date), I feel like I got a lot done. NOT ENOUGH, mind you; it's never enough. But here's what I did:

1. Redesigned my bedroom and made most of it from scratch: painted walls and furniture, made bedding and bedskirts, upholstered a big ole headboard, and did it all on a dime.

2. Went to Portland to visit family, to craft, and to EAT.

3. Cleaned out the entire art room at school and re-organized much of it (thanks husband).

4. Made tons of little handbags and tiny projects.

5. Played in the back yard.

6. Cut my hair.

7. Learned how to run (for real). Really, I've always done a bit here and there, but I've got an unofficial trainer who runs with me on Saturdays (this weekend we did 6 miles at the beach...with a little bit of walking too, which I'm realizing is not cheating).

8. Had about 30 dinners with friends, saw 15 old friends, and gained what feels like 10 lbs because of it.

9. Went to the Doctor to see about our baby problems (no answers yet).

10. Rode our beach cruisers to the beach and to the movies like about 100 times.

Not that you wanted the details. I'm still leading a small group, I've agreed to take on a mentee (the super cute and oh so talented Heather), and I'm hoping to join another small group with the husband. I'm on the Women's leadership committee at church, and Jon is co-leading ASB (student government) this year, which means, by default, I am too.

So now that my crazy fun summer is over, my crazy *not so fun* school year has begun. Bring on the ridiculousness.


Lauren Maurer said...

Wow. That is one amazingly productive summer! :)

Christina said...

Sounds like a great summer!

A Lady's Life said...

Well that was a full summer and ot looks like a full winter of fun and work and personal success and pride.
To watch the future grow is beyond beautiful and knowing you were a a part of making it happen is even moreso meaningful.