Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love Notes: Handmade Valentine Swap

Photo here.
I was searching for the perfect valentine yesterday when two women walked past and noticed the rows of pink and red hearts and lips.  They were less than thrilled that Valentines cards were already out.  Now I'm no fan of seeing it myself, on January 1, but it's only about a month away.  Ok, a month is a bit far, but still, these things sneak up on a girl if not adequately prepared in advance!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the husbie this year, but one super fun event I am going to take part in is a Handmade Valentine Swap from Lyndsey (aka Paper Girl) of The Stationery Place. Go here for more info.  It sounds super easy and fun, and c'mon, when was the last time your mailbox was filled with perfectly sweet handmade love notes?!


A Lady's Life said...

My husband sends me love notes every day. lol
How else are we to live?
L'amour c'est la vie n'est ce pas?

lyndsey | paper girl said...

well this is a lovely surprise! thanks for posting about the swap :) i hate the early holiday sightings in stores too -- but you're right! gotta plan ahead!

Tamara Nicole said...

Oh how fun! I'm hosting a Valentine's gift swap, posting it later this week so stay tuned if interested. I am a huge V-day fan, Love it!!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

How fabulous is this!!!! Oh my goodness how delicious! It's wonderful. AWESOMENESS!! Okay, I just read your fabulous comments and you will never ever know how your words touched my heart and soul. It is the scripture that I speak over myself so often. Thank you so much for sharing those words. They will stay in my heart and head. How powerful was that! Oh may the Lord bless you and keep and cause His face to shine on you and give you so much creativeness and peace.
Big snowy hugs to you from snowy New Jersey

Phoenix said...

Hey there! This is Tracy from the SoCal Blogger's Bee meet-up. Just wanted to say hi and that it was so lovely to meet you :) I'm strongly considering the Valentine's Day swap too, if I don't end up being too busy during these next couple weeks. I'll head over to Lyndsey's and check it out!