Monday, February 7, 2011

For the Love of Hands

In High school my girlfriends loved Nick from the Backstreet Boys.  I just couldn't do it (although I talked myself into liking the band because my friends did); I just couldn't like Nick because I didn't like his hands.

I've always loved hands.   They are just as difficult to draw as a face and many beginners shy away from drawing them.  My theory is that is because there is as much character in hands as there is in a portrait.

I found this print from Restless Things and fell in love.  In my opinion these are some of the most lovely drawings I've seen of hands in some time.

Alfred Steiglitz was obsessed with photographing his wife, Georgia O'Keeffe's hands and I can see why.  Photos of her hands were so lyrical and sensual, with stories to tell and character to capture.

Egon Schiele is by far my favorite hand artist.  First of all, nothing gets me more excited than his line quality alone.  But his hands are such an important part of his images, skeletal and elegant, they add as much to a portrait as do the Mona Lisa's.

What adds to physical attractiveness for you?

If you draw, do you shy away from hands and feet?  If you do, know that it's normal, but I challenge you to take the drawing of them head-on.  Draw studies of them every day, in different poses, start with your own.  Start today!


Dionne said...

I always notice palms. Odd, I know - you would think I would notice fingers more, but nope - I like palms.

A Lady's Life said...

lately I too have been learning how to draw hands. They aren;t that difficult to do once you get the gist of it.
lol but then you will always draw the same hands :)

Phoenix said...

Weirdly enough, hands don't really affect me - but nails do. I know guys who have really rough or dirty nails, and while I don't think I'm shallow, I certainly don't find it accentuates their character in any way. On the other hand (pun intended), my boyfriend has short, clean nails all the time and I just adore his hands. I will hold them if I am given any excuse to!

PS I also almost always notice hair. I don't know why... but I do.

Wren said...

I love this post! Hands are a BIG DEAL for me!

I had a crush on a guy in high school just because of his hands...they were straight off the David - classic, strong, but oddly delicate. The rest of him was meh, including his personality, but those HANDS!

My husband, incidentally, has amazing hands, but luckily the rest of him is pretty amazing, too!