Monday, April 11, 2011

God Likes Laundry Day

 A few years ago I read Serve God Save the Planet by Matthew Sleeth.  While I already had a bit of a green bent, this book completely changed my persepctive.  It discussed the WHY of going green; it isn't just about preserving the earth for future generations so that they can live and preserve it for generations beyond themselves.  This is a perpetuation without real reason.

Many Christians seem to act as though sustainability is a four letter word used only by 'liberals.'  But this book discusses how preserving what we've been given (Creation) as though we were stewards of it, taking good care of what God gave us, for the purpose of respect and worship, as well as for our own good.

The summer I read this book, we stopped using our ice maker, didn't use lights for a week (that was fun, and only candles in the evening meant we had to manage our time better, doing the things that required light during the day...I totally recommend trying this little experiment yourself this summer), and we also stopped using our dryer.

I love line drying clothes.  Well, now I do.  When I was little, we did it because we had to; we couldn't always afford using a dryer.  But there are many things I now do for nostalgia and stewardship that I resented as a kid.

Last fall, our clothes line broke.  We didn't fix the problem during winter, but now that the weather is much more laundry friendly I put up a new line.  I just can't tell you how happy this makes me!  And with the prospect of cloth diapers around the corner, I am all the more appreciative of the San Diego sun and the healing qualities, not to mention the earth-friendliness.

The short of it: I worship God with my clothes line!


A Lady's Life said...

I find you never have to use the dryer unless you are in a hurry. Most clothes dry overnight if you hang them on hangers and give them space to breath and they hardly need any ironing.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love it and totally agree.

carla thorup said...

...maybe i'll give up the dryer if it ever warms up. maybe.

but, i am curious to know more about cloth diapering, because my sis uses fuzzi bunz and they have totally had smell reaction - where the baby almost always smells like ammonia... and i can't have that because i want my baby to smell good. have you chosen a brand? or at least preferences on which type?