Monday, July 18, 2011

Everything's Hunky Dory

Last week we were supposed to have our last meeting with our adoption social worker.  It was the last in a string of months of classes, interviews, and inspections.  But we were thwarted.  By a neighbor in a hurry.

She was parked on the street and our across the street neighbor pulled out of her driveway a little too fast and, well, by hitting her car it certainly made for a more than inconvenient evening for all parties involved.

I couldn't help but thinking that this could be good, she is seeing us in a real-life situation, more than she could see in a clinical setting.  And if our perfect little one isn't ready yet, this delay only makes for superb timing.  It looks like we'll have to reschedule, but for now, everything's hunky dory.

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