Sunday, December 4, 2011

Look What I've Been Up To...Running

There are lots of reasons why I haven't been blogging lately, so in a concerted attempt to redeem myself and explain my absence, as well as to delight your eyes and imaginations with the magical and wonderful things that have been keeping me busy, I would like to present a new series called "Look What I've Been Up To..."

1. I trained this summer for my first marathon with veteran marathoner, and my mentor, Sheri Epps.  Our friend Amy Seed is the most encouraging runner I could ever have the privelege of knowing.  She sang, danced, and recited encouraging scripture the whole time we ran this Long Beach Marathon.  Our medals were huge by the way, proportionately so to the mercury that day.  We cried at the end.  I sat a lot at work the next day.

3. & 5. On Thanksgiving morning we move our feet before we eat.  I ran two races: a 5-miler and a 5K (3.1 miles)  I started the first race again with Amy, but she ran so fast she puked at the end.  So this is my friend, Kristen Sullivan, who I was so glad to have by my side.  And I made good time myself, but I had injured my knee a bit the week before and running these two races really screwed me up good.  I'm upset at my injury and hope it doesn't set me back for a half marathon in January.

The 5K was my one year anniversary of running as it was my first race last year.  I can hardly believe I ran two halfs and one full marathon in just my first year.  I'm so hooked.  In fact, not being able to run on my bum knee is really killing me!  Hurry up and heal, silly knee!

2. & 4. Say hello to Oceanside-Carlsbad.  This is where I get the privilege of running each weekend.  I love that I get to start my weekends like this.  I used to hate waking up early to run, but this is just so worth it.  I can't wait to be healthy and get out there again.  This makes me fall in love with God as Creator and fellow artist all over again.


Blatant Borrower said...

So proud of you my friend! You are my inspiration!

A Lady's Life said...

You are a blessing. You go girl and have fun.:)

carla thorup said...

amazing! i'm prepping for another half in the spring time, but a full scares me! maybe i'll use you for inspiration.

Tamara Nicole said...

Go get em girl! Good job:-) So proud!