Thursday, October 30, 2008

My seasonal infatuation

So to go along with this temporary pumpkin infatuation, I indulged myself a bit in the last few days, just as a way to be creative since I haven't been able to paint much lately. I fell in love with this recipe on, as recommended by a wizard of a cook, and personal friend/precious lamb of Jesus, Jessie Jansen. Anyway, the recipe is for a pumpkin salad with butternut squash, shallots, and wild rice. Check it out, it's amazingly autumnal and delicious.

I also couldn't pass up the pumpkins at Trader Joe's the other day, I had a serious craving for toasted seeds. So I brought home my new friend, and while I was cleaning and carving this one, I toasted yesterday's butternut seeds (which were actually better than the pumpkin seeds). I hate not using everything up, so after harvesting the little white treasures from the pumpkin's mysterious center, I carved a little cat (using my own black Halloween cat, Mowgli, as a model) and made sure I had the most negative space as possible, yielding lots of pumpkin meat to make soup with. I used the leftover onions, put it all in the microwave under veggie broth and pureed it when it came out. Delish!

As far as the jack-o-lantern went, I don't usually do it, but I couldn't help it this year. I hadn't done it since Sara Astle's birthday party in 6th grade. I had a bulb that I inserted in the back in lieu of a candle...much brighter and safer in these neck of the woods, which seem to be fire-threatened regularly. I rather like the effect. And feel quite satisfied with my recent pumpkin indulgence.


Gregg said...
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Jessie Jansen said...

ok, so you win for best pumpkin carved this far as i'm concerned. and even though i haven't seen ONE pumpkin be carved here in little la palma, yours still wins :) i am DYING to try heidi's pumpkin recipe on 101...and i'm jealous that you did. i wish i was there to eat it with you! poop on the distance. i am so honored that you referred to me in your blog too...seriously...what an honor! YOU are the mother sheep of jesus' precious lambs ;)