Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brand Spankin' New

I've been waiting for something interesting to happen before I posted a new blog, but as the holidays wind down, I realize that the mundane will now take their place once again and it's back to the grindstone.

But it's not entirely bane; 2009 is brand new and nothing has been broken or lost or's the beginning and I am, like so many others, excited to leave 2008 behind and press on toward the goal.

I won't share my resolutions with you (I don't need the accountability--they are not of that vein), but I will tell you what I've done with my 2009 so far:

I've had a bug in me to try out this new gym and I've gone every day this week, usually finding myself in the spinning class getting my butt kicked, but also in Yoga and lifting weights, sometimes 2 classes back to back. The husband accompanies me and we have really loved this time together...we've been having so much fun even if we do go off and do our own thing.

I go back to work on Monday and am ready to continue. I go back to school for my last class (WOO HOO!) on the 20th and maybe it's bittersweet...what am I going to do with myself after I am no longer a student? There's always more education, I guess.

I'm interested to see what this year will bring, and really, I'm grateful for the new start we are granted every 12 months...have you realized what a blessing that is?

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jen jacobs said...

Sounds like you have the new years work out bug Linds. Good for you! Keep it up. Working out makes you feel great!

I too am glad for the new year but don't have any resolutions formally picked out. :)

I really want to see some pictures you've taken with your new camera. Post soon - K?