Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Need a Creative Swizzle Stick

In a world where I had more time and money I could get a lot of creative things accomplished. It's funny, but at the end of our lives no one ever looked back and said "I wish I worked more." So in 2009, while reality may take precedent, if it were filled with play days and I was one of those women who got to stay home and spend her husband's money this is what I'd do with it:

This is one of Denyse Schmidt's Improvisational Patchwork classes in Bridgeport, CT where she promises her students will "create exciting, rut-breaking work that will change the way we think about color, patchwork, and our own creativity."

I would invite my cousin Cecily and we'd put to use all those creative genes that our mothers gave us, we'd become better artists and better quilters and closer cousins.

I haven't quilted or sewn anything in a long time, and I haven't painted anything that I love in a few months either. I need a jump start to the underlying creativity whose surface I'm only floating on right now. I need a creative swizzle stick to stir things up for me. Cecily...come rescue me!


Anonymous said...

Can Aunts come to this quilting bee? My creativity needs a jump start, too. Love you!Laurel

E. Lindsey Hornkohl said...

Yes, Aunts are allowed, moms too. But not ants, they are not invited!

cee + kell said...

I'm coming, I'm coming. Just let me put my cape on so that I can leap tall buildings and fly down the coast to you.

Oh gosh, Linds. I would LOVE to go to one of her workshops with you. Can you imagine what a blast we would have!? And if our moms joined us!? It's almost too much fun for a gal to think about.

I miss you tons! Call me and we'll talk craftiness.

Oh, and P.S. so glad you love your tote bag. So very, very glad.