Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friends, Springs, and Rotten Eggs

Have you aver just had THAT weekend? The one where you grow, learn more about yourself, fall in love with God all over again...the mountain-top experience? Well, that wasn't this weekend for me. Not until the end at least. This year, our women's group bought a retreat-in-a-box. It was fun I suppose, it afforded us opportunities to get closer and be introspective, and an excuse to get away. But it wasn't until the last hour that I was really moved; that was when women started sharing what God was doing in their lives lately, and how he had stirred in them this weekend, and I found that it wasn't the lessons or the crafts, it was our interactions with each other that truly impacted lives this weekend.

So we can list Pulitzer prize winners, scientific firsts, and famous people from every era, but when you get down to it, who has really impacted you most? I know that all of you reading this blog can tell me who your best friend from middle school or high school was, and that's because we make lasting impacts by what we are to people, not by what we accomplish. I'd like to make a much more intentional effort to invest in people's lives, and to make lasting impressions. I don't just want to complete some checklist in this life.

My camera followed me around this weekend and recorded some of my reflection, I just can truly connect to God when I'm surrounded by his beauty. So rather than let you peek in on my journal entries, here are a few of the many images that inspired them.

Gardens were everywhere. Water gardens, tropical gardens, rose name it.
The only thing more plentiful than the vegetation were the natural hot springs. These have been here for a very long time, and while they were once a spa-getaway, the springs are now owned by Calvary Chapel and houses their Bible College. The hot springs wind through the entire campus, in lieu of man made fountains, there are bathing pools everywhere.
The architecture and character inspires me as much as the beauty of the natural variety.
One of the many springs. All of the springs are for bathing, none are roped off, no stairs or steps, it's just like slipping into a river you stumbled upon in the woods...only A LOT warmer. It soothes away all your aches and pains, but you do leave smelling like rotten eggs!
So, I'd love to hear about your best friend from your youth. Who was she and why was she so special to you? What makes you still think of her today?


Dionne said...

Something amazing happens when women get together and talk about their passions for Christ, and their battles and triumphs. I love that!

And what a pretty place. How gorgeous!

One of my friends that impacted me was my friend Renae. She and I were both into photography a little - nothing serious, we just talked about it. But the more we talked about it, the more inspired we got, and then took it up as a hobby instead of just talking about it. If it wasn't for her, I don't think I would be into it like I am today.

Lindsey said...

Well then, I love Renae. Give her my thanks for making you so sweet!

maggisaar said...

Thank you for commenting on my entry about my Liz!

Liz was the first person truly close to me that I've lost, and losing her was...terrible on my heart. It was a month to the day after my wedding, too.

But ask how she impacted my life? Knowing her made me a better, more beautiful, happier person. Knowing her struggles, her fears knowing how I was one of the few who made her so happy. It amazed me how many people knew and loved her, but knowing her, it was not hard to imagine anyone not loving her. I can't hear some songs and not cry for her. I can't go to a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert and hear "I Wanna Be Just Like You", and not see Liz, smiling that bright smile of hers, sitting on Josh's piano and dancing along.

Liz made my life better. And she makes me want to be a better person, even still, so that one day when I go, I get to be with her again in heaven. If it's possible, heaven will be better because Liz will be with me.

Thanks again, for stopping by my blog. :)

maggisaar said...

It amazed me how many people knew and loved her, but knowing her, it IS hard to imagine anyone not loving her.

It's Monday after all.

Labour of Love said...

how gorgeous and peaceful the springs look...(good thing it's not a scratch-n-sniff photo! isn't it funny when you least expect it, greatness happens?

it's funny...growing up, i really didn't have many friends since we had a strict upbringing but i was fortunate to have 4 great that we're older things have shifted and some of us are not as close as we used to be...except for my oldest sis, Mary Ann...she was my partner in crime back when i was little + getting into mischief and she still continues to always be there for me...esp. while i raise my family + try to rekindle a buried passion...she's always encouraging me and i wouldn't be here in blogosphere if it wasn't for her positiveness+belief in her lots!...thanks for posting such great questions! xoxo jo ;)

Anonymous said...

Could you show these in class?