Sunday, May 17, 2009

Free Things to Do This Weekend

So, what did you do this weekend? Me? Oh, I graduated. And had a beach party. That was not free. But in keeping with a Spending Hiatus, here are some free things you might want to consider doing until you have more cheddar in the checking:1. Learn a new skill--find how-to videos online for crafting or computer programs
2. Start a photo project--make a goal to take one interesting photo a day
3. Take a nap--I'm an expert at this
4. Go camping in your own backyard--or your living room if it's still too cold
5. Make a playlist for someone--anyone you know going on a road trip this summer?
6. Visit a museum on a freebie day--lots of museums have these, you just have to do the legwork to find out what day it is.
7. Go geocaching--I have GOT to try this one
8. Host a swap--clothes, trinkets, recipes, cookies, craft supplies
9. Attend a Home Improvement clinic--places like Home Depot offer these for free
10. Take in a local event--act like a tourist in your town, visit your city's visitor's guide online
11. Just go outside--write about what you see, compose a song in your head, name the flora and fauna
12. Volunteer--at your church, women's shelter, children's school, library or nature preserve
13. Become an Expert--pick a topic and research it for at least an hour. Cement the knowledge by telling someone about it.Well, what did I miss...what do you do for free?


Andhari said...

WHat do I do for free? Umm watching my favorite shows, go picnic ( in front of the tv or in the backyard :P ), jogging outside and breathing in the view :p

I don't know, I sure know total spending hiatus will drive me crazy lol but I do it once in a while and it's fun

ps. thanks for your comment in my blog, I study law btw and my music is like something I do for fun. And something I dream about too, thanks for asking :)

Wren said...

Congratulations on your graduation! That is most definitely celebration-worthy!

What do I do for free? Read great books from the library!!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


A Lady's Life said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful beach party. Congrats on the grad.:)What do I do for free.
Reading, writing, picture taking, collecting pinecones and using the seeds to grow babies,trying to splice cuttings to make two plants in one.Leaf collecting, stone collecting checking out the pics found in them,exploring the world around me
It is always a new world.:)

kim said...

Taking photos.. good choice.
I listen to and download music ;]

Lindsey said...

I love all your comments! See, we don't need lots of money to have fun!

photojoy said...

1.I'd like to go out and take as many as pictures to get used to my Canon SLR Camera. 2. I'd like to learn water paintings! 3.Studying English language on for higher points. You may be interested in taking a look what is all alike. Gee. so many things to do only if I have more time. By the way, thank you for you kind advice. I was glad to hear your idea.

Jessie Jansen said...

you are so wonderful. i am so inspired by you (for lack of a less tired word). i come to your blog and you are so full of encouraging ways to make my day make me want to be a better me, that is something so very special that i love about you. i am so grateful to know you, erin lindsey pereboom hornkohl.

i'm also so flattered that you used my photos! use them ANY TIME!! it's fun to see the ones you choose and what you choose to write with them :) i took a lot of new ones yesterday around town...i think you saw commented on the duck one ;) and yes! i remember your duck blog :) love those little guys. there's a daffodil close-up that i think you would paint beautifully. as you would ANYTHING.

thanks for the life tips today...i am going to tackle a few of them this week :) (p.s. fred is a professional joke)

Jessie Jansen said...

ANNNNND....CONGRATS to the GRADUATE!!! you make me a grandma. love you amazing little thing, you.

Dionne said...

Great list! Who doesn't love free stuff?

Me and B like to play games together - like Chess or Chinese Checkers. Another thing we like to do is of course have picnics. Other than that, your list pretty much includes most of the stuff we like to do.

My friend did that geocaching thing and is obsessed with it!

Anonymous said...


katie diana said...

kissing is free. :)

Kotori said...

Great list! And congrats on graduating! We do some geocaching and some letterboxing; that is a fun and free activity; you really should try it!

We also have museums and galleries that do free activities once a month - you just have to be willing to look up the info to find out what day.

sarah said...

i'm on a spending freeze as well, so I've started knitting scarves for holiday gifts. I do buy the yarn, so I get my shopping fix, but I use coupons, and they are making lovely and cheap gifts for family and friends.

down and out chic said...

great ideas! congratulations on graduating, yay!

Miss Aimee said...

greaT LIST!

Halen said...

I like to putz in my garden.
I like to ride my bike.
I'm an avid library-frequenter.
I like to peruse my favorite blogs.
I get my friends over to my house!