Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gone Walking...10 Years in the Making

'Scuse me as I finally make my way down the graduation platform.

This weekend the family drove the monotonous 11 hours from SLC to San Diego to help me celebrate this long anticipated event, the final receipt of my BA in Psychology from Cal State San Marcos.

Here's the story, just to clarify. I'll try to keep it short:

Freshman year at Westminster College in SLC, in the footsteps of the 'rents.

Sophomore year transferred to a private Bible school, Biola, in LA. After 3 semesters there, dad lost a big client and circumstantially I was forced to leave, attending instead Fullerton College where dad went before meeting my mom on a football scholarship at Westminster.

Three semesters there and we were ready to get married and live cheaply back in SLC where rent in a brand new place was only $500, that and we both had good jobs lined up.

In Utah, residency for school takes 2 years, and as we couldn't afford out of state tuition, we waited. Jon then found a GREAT job at a school in San Diego where I could also teach (using my 3 years' experience teaching after school/ studio art.

So back to CA to wait another year to get CA residency, then while teaching I started pursuing a degree at Cal State while taking classes at community college.

While I terribly desired an art degree, I already studied art therapy at Biola and Cal State's art program is too new to offer anything of value to me. So Psych degree it is.

Do I plan on doing anything with it?
Not so much. Don't email me with all your family's problems; I'd rather stick people in a CT scan and see what neurons are firing when they look at different color schemes.

Jon asked me once what I want to do with my degree. I answered, "Have it." That and get paid more.

Oh, and he had made for me a giant sign that says "Congratulations Lindsey! It's About Time!" Thought that was pretty funny.

Thanks Cee for the awesome announcement!


Dionne said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Wow, seems like quite the winding road you've been on to get to where you are now - craziness! But I am sure you met lots of people and had lots of fun along the way.

I am stoked for you!

jen jacobs said...

WOW Linds! A Huge Congrats! What a VICTORY instead. Miss you friend. You blog is such a sweet taste of your creativity and wit. Love it!

Elise said...

CONGRATS!!! How exciting! I'm glad you liked the mustaches... I happen to love them too and am sad I didn't find them 6 months earlier. ;) I didn't get the teacup card yet, but you are so sweet! How thoughtful. Hey I'd love to e-mail with you, my e-mail address is on my blog. Then we can be a little more personal. :)

lori vliegen said...

congratulations!! such a long journey...and so many great, great life's lessons along the way!! :)

umama said...

Awww! Congrats, and what a gorgeous invite!

Lisa Moore said...

Congratulations Lindsey! I never did anything with my degree either but it still makes me so happy to just have it like you said. Good for you!

mic said...

yay! congratulations to you! enjoy your big weekend!

katie diana said...

Yay! Woo woo! thank you again for the feature on Three in Three, i blogged about it today and did a little dance :) Enjoy your big weekend, looking forward to reading all about!

A Lady's Life said...

Congrats! You will use your degree in life wherever you go.
Its a good thing to have and to keep.Most of the problems are usually the same. People are all the same. lol

photojoy said...

Congratulations! What an exciting life! AS a matter of fact, I'm wising for going back to the graduate school some day in the near future. You've inspired me a lot. The invitation notice? is nice! Have a wonderful weekend.

Halen said...

Congrats friend!

Mick and Tiff said...

Sorry I am a little slow in sending the congrats on the graduation but I wanted to say Good for you. That is a great acomplishment. When you give us the timeline and all that went into it then it makes it an even bigger acomplishment.

How was the beach party? That sounds fun. How great to have your family there with you.