Thursday, May 14, 2009

Katie Poppins' Three in Three

Katie Diana of Apartment 10 likes beards, sings opera, lives in NY, and has a great blog. Here are her Three in Three:

{recently boyfriend & i bought some "new" old records}
1. carol king, tapestry - can't get sick of her, even if i play it continuously.
2. a chorus line, original broadway cast recording
3. also, i am revisiting my Imogean Heap/Frou Frou phase.

1. Shelly Rotner, her photography is to die for. boyfriend is playing at her gallery opening in june. I have a print called the 'night blooming sirus' it is breath-taking.
2. Kat Macleod, i absolutely adore her work. Her "collage ladies will inspire confusing feelings of wardrobe envy, even though they are drawings and not people"
3. anything flowery by Georgia O'Keefe.

1. Rockstar Diaries
2. An Experiment in Poverty
3. A Cup of Jo

I love this list, and am listening to Imogen as we type. Georgia's grand, and I'm so glad she shared about Kat Macleod. And check out those great blogs...they won't disappoint!

If you haven't shared your three in three, I'd love to know what they are! Go here and leave a comment, yo!


Dionne said...

My blogfeed totall neglected to tell me about this post, it only told me about your Grad one. I almost missed this!

Rock Star Diaries keeps coming up. I better go check it out.

katie diana said...

ah!!!!! this made my day!!!! weeee! thank you :)

Andhari said...

OOOH imogen and frou frou, my friends made me liesten to some tracks. It's pretty cool :)

Jasmine said...

woooohoooo! i love katie AND her lovely list!