Monday, May 11, 2009

Three in Three

On most social networking sites now there is a format for you to share your favorite music, favorite tv shows, favorite whatever. For me, my tastes are constantly revolving in such a way that I find it hard to commit to one list, nor can I figure out a way to have an all-inclusive label for my likes.

So I'd like to list for you three of each of my current three favorites partly to share my inspiration and partly to give props to the recipients.

1. Regina Spektor--Not a new album, but I keep coming back to it
2. Blind Pilot radio on Pandora--Go turn this on before you finish reading this. Awesome.
3. Cat Stevens--I know, I know. I liked him pre-weirdo. Kudos, dad.

1. Kathleen Rietz--An awesome illustrator who works like a dog and looks like an angel.
2. JMW Turner--A revisitation by way of my current Art History lesson...the first impressionist, my favorite Romanticist.
3. My mom--She's amazing, taught me everything I know. She's been so busy "momming" recently that she can't find time to paint anymore. Can't wait to see her on Wednesday!

1. City of Dionne--I've sung her praises here, but if you haven't made friends with this girl yet, now's the time, not just because her blog is awesome, but because she is.
2. Problogger--awesome tips on how to improve your blog
3. Dabbled--Great creative inspiration in a constant flow.
I'd love to know what your top 3 in 3 are. Please share and maybe, just maybe, I'll even post your list next!


Gregg said...

Cat Stevens, it's best to enjoy him pre-wierdo. Maybe he'll get the hint. He is back, you know, as Jusef, I think.

Dionne said...

Lindsey! Geez, you give me so much blog love! Thanks!

OK, here are my little threelets:

1. Cathy Nichols - I love love love her mixed Media stuff. I bought her Beach Day print here:

2.Robin Carlisle, you can see work here:

3. Sarah Hearn (her etsy store is here:

1. My all time favorite is Coldplay's "Clocks". I had our sting quartet play it as I walked down the aisle for my wedding. I love, love, love it!
2. Eisley has a really unique sound. I really love pretty much all their songs on their "Room Noises" album.
3. And I LOVE Five For Fighting's "100 years"

1. Yours. And not just because you picked mine! I swear! I love how it's a perfect blend of everything - your art, your life, your loves, it's not just focused on one thing - I love that!

2. My Hodgepodge. I love hearing more about her Japanese culture, and I love how she's in her 50's and loves to blog. I have great respect for that lady, she's awesome!

3.Lobster and Swan: I love her posts, and tutorials and photos. It's very pretty.

Dionne said...

I just checked out Kathleen Rietz- so cute! Love her stuff!

Lara Harris said...

I am loving your watercolors and murals!What a gift you have indeed!:o)

umama said...

Love this idea!

okay so here's my three!

1. Van Gogh - I've always been fascinated by his story and of course the style he used.. insanely touching!

2. My mom - I'm with you there. She is where I got the creativity to begin with!

3. My students! - They are only 12 but they impress the heck out of me. I convince some of them on a daily basis to open an etsy, hehe!


1. Third Eye Blind - my fave since highschool, something about them always inspires me and clears my head.

2. Mana - An insanely awesome spanish group. They have just the most beautiful lyrics. Such as this... "Como puedo olvidar tus besos vida, estan tatuada en mi piel"... (translation: How can I forget your kisses, my life? They are tattooed in my skin.)

3. Enrique Iglesias - Not only am I secretly in love with him, but his voice and that accent make me swoon over his lyrics!


1. IDiY
All about doin it yourself! Great for some ideas and inspiration!

2. Made by Girl
She's awesome and creative! I love how she infuses color into all she does!

3. FU Penguin
Sorry in advance for the language, but this blog is hysterical! Whenever I need a pick me up, I head over here for a bunch of laughs. This guy is crazy!

Wren said...

Animal Collective!!! It's like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting for your ears!

Fleet Foxes....Bearded bards,*swoon*!

Grizzly Bear - Honestly some of the best musicians and melodies in recent years!

Freida Kahlo - Crazy and amazing!

Shepard Fairey is truly a standout and outspoken artists of our generation...

Charles and Ray Eames...Eames chairs, anybody:)?

Design*Sponge rocks my decorating world!

Lolita Blogg is like visiting that space between sleep and awake...

for amazing music and art bits.

I love your blog, too!! What a fun list to make!

Reginasaurus said...

Oooh! I love your music list! Regina Spektor is my all-time favorite artist. Did you know her new album comes out June 23? You can hear a new song on her myspace if you're interested!

I think my music list would have to be:

Regina Spektor - her quirks and her voice make her the the coolest and most adorable person at the same time

The Avett Brothers - you can tell that they have fun with and love every song they write and every show they play.

Ben Harper - he has a new album with the Relentless 7, and it's GREAT.

The other lists I will have to think about more!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh I have a hard time limiting to three. I love variety because I am a person that loves change. Today may be my wild side so I'd go into Perry Como lol
Just kiddin.:)But no seriously. I'll flip from one to the other without batting an eye. I did love your cage and see how we can feed birds now without the pesky squirrels getting into the bird food.:)

katie diana said...

{recently boyfriend & i bought some "new" old records}
1. carol king, tapestry - can't get sick of her, even if i play it continuously.
2. a chorus line, original broadway cast recording
3. also, i am revisiting my Imogean Heap/Frou Frou phase.

1. Shelly Rotner, her photography is to die for. boyfriend is playing at her gallery opening in june. I have a print called the 'night blooming sirus' it is breath-taking.
2. Kat Macleod, i absolutely adore her work. Her "collage ladies will inspire confusing feelings of wardrobe envy, even though they are drawings and not people"
3. anything flowery by Georgia O'Keefe.

1. Rockstar Diaries,
2. An Experiment in Poverty,
3. A Cup of Jo,

well, that's all for now :)

Jasmine said...

oh! what a fun idea!! i love it!

Jasmine said...

yeah, i totally want in on this too. :)

my 3 in 3:

1. radiohead - i never ever get sick of listening to radiohead. thom yorke is the most creative musician/person of all time.
2. regina spektor - she's the most fun to sing along to. i am constantly playing begin to hope while cleaning the house. it gets me moving!
3. across the universe soundtrack - if i am ever sad or tired, listening to this soundtrack immediately turns my mood around.

1. w. levi myers - my boyfriend! he is soooo full of talent. our walls are filled with his gorgeous work. my favorites always get sold though. :( also, i love his little drawings of me. they make me feel beautiful.
2. marc chagall - he's almost as good as levi. ;) his use of symbolism and color is always meaningful, beautiful, and happy. my goal is to own an original one day.
3. theodor seuss geisel (aka: dr. seuss): his work is so inspiring, creative, and just plain old weird. i want to cover a nursery in his art.

blogs (ohhhh. this is hard, and i hate to choose only 3 for favorites):
1. rockstar diaries ( - no surprise here! naomi is so joyful, creative, and beautiful. i love following her life!
2. poptart ( - this is a new favorite. i just love adele. she provides the perfect balance of meaningful and frivolous. her blog is a joy to read.
3. just a small town girl ( - kathleen is the best, and her writing is funny, touching, and thought-provoking all at the same time.

photojoy said...

What an interesting idea! I really enjoyed reading each "Three in Three". And of course, I was dancing on air to find Dionne picked up my blog. Such an honor.
I'll try to list up some written in English.

jessicaleighlalou said...

Such a cool idea! Here's my 3 by 3:
1. the Beatles- their music is so feel good, I love listening to them
2. All Time Low- they're peppy, catchy, and have great lyrics
3. Yellowcard- who can deny an electric violin? :D

1. Imogene Luhrman, she has a mix of abstract and realistic paintings and I love her use of colors
2. Renoir- such beautiful stuff
3. my sister, Callie, her take on things always astounds me

1.Golly Bard's Drawing Room (