Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top of the Morning to You!

This is just to say good morning. I have been so busy lately that I can't seem to sit down long enough to do much more than check all my email and comments and such. So here's a little good morning image for you.

After I posted the last two teacups, Dionne bought them up from my Etsy shop super speedy-like. Then another friend noticed them a little too late and offered to buy them. So I made two more the next day. Then she wanted some blue and yellow ones so I whipped this up yesterday and hope to do a little yellow one this weekend.


All for teacups!

I also have a stamp to make for someone (or rather, a proposal), and a proposal for some wedding calligraphy. I really love all these different, random projects I'm doing for people. I guess I'm just the art harlot...or a jack of all trades. Which one's classier?

Just wondering, but what's the strangest (or most random, best, most fun) commission you've received, or thought about asking someone to do for you?


Shelley said...

I think when Senator Dimitrich commissioned a Victorian portrait of his children painted on his wall of his new home. It was in Price and I spent a few weekends driving 3 hours down there to paint. It was really fun and I loved it!
Maybe when I worked on the federal court case doing artwork for the television station, that was interesting, too.

Federica said...

Good morning! Here in Italy is 8 P.M., time for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. Tonight sushi!
Have a wonderful saturday!

maggisaar said...

Hello lovely!

Thanks for stopping by my wee silly blog. I love yours as well. Those tea cups are ADORABLE. I totally <3 tea cups & pots.

I'm so excited about the lunch! I can't wait!

Dionne said...

I am soooo bad - I have like 3 minutes to check my emails, etc and I wanted to hop on your blog and see what was the latest.

LOOOOVE this teacup - so pretty!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Well hello to you pumpkin! So looking forward to the meet up! How fun!

Gabby said...

Wow, I love the teacup!

Looking forward to meeting you next weekend! It should be fun!

Have a happy Monday!

(I don't always use so many exclamation points, really.)

mic said...

the strangest thing someone asked me to do was pose as model for a video game pixel artist. basically i just had to make a whole bunch of faces. the artist was like, "ok, now look like you're passed out" and i was all, "?????"

LOVE the teacups!

Gaia said...

Dai sbrigati!!!
you made me smile a lot!!!


Anna Ander said...


Just wanted to say that I love your teacups! Very, very pretty.

Have a good one!

Best wishes from Stockholm.