Saturday, June 13, 2009

Artist's Statement

I have been so busy with work and the end of the year, just thinking about blogging is exhausting. In my guilt I started thinking about why I blog. Like many, I started so my friends and family could keep up with me and even see some of my art. Since then I've made many more friends than I could have ever imagined. In fact, tomorrow I'm attending City of Dionne's SoCal Bloggers' Luncheon to meet and mingle with girls I've only chanced to be virtually acquainted with.

I've often read on your blogs your apologies for not being able to post, and I know how fickle we readers are: when someone stops posting what we like, or posting consistently, we quickly lose interest. Why should that concern me if I am doing this for those who are already my friends?
Art. It all comes down to art. If I am truly honest, I could say it's also about money.

I am an artist, not a marketer. I'm not a businessperson who knows how to market herself, nor do I have the resources to hire someone to do this for me. I hardly know how to market my Etsy shop. The funny thing is, I know that this is exactly where most of my artist friends are. It's too hard to do the business, so we are content to paint in our homes, giving work away or tucking it under the bed for "one day when..."I certainly have made a few great friends, several of whom love and support me, many of you are wowed when I put up a new painting, but I'd hardly say I've made a steady income from my work. But I'm not ready to give up. This is often a conversation I have with my husband, and he is just as frustrated as I about how to do it, but neither of us knows what to do. But I'm not ready to give up yet, I keep plugging away.

I love painting teacups for you, carving handmade stamps for you, making felted bowls and pouches for you, painting your walls and your portraits. I love it. I want to do it more.

I also want to inspire you. Some of you who read my blog have told me that I've inspired you to be more creative, to be craftier, to try something new...And truthfully, honestly, that's probably the best part. That's also why I teach. I've had students ask me to make something for them to purchase from me, and I always respond by telling them I'd rather TEACH them to do it themselves. Then there's the student who will never go on after my class to do anything in the field, but if I've taught them to use their BRAIN differently, to learn to be creative problem solvers in life, then I've done my job. I don't mind if they don't become artists.

So at the end of the day, why do I blog?
1. To share my life with my loved ones
2. To help my artistic career
3. To inspire

If someone can inspire another, there's no telling how far-reaching the impact can go.Why do you blog?
Who has inspired you?
What new thing are you going to do this week, this month, this summer?


jen jacobs said...

I'll answer the 1st question. The 2nd two would take too long for me. I blog to stay in touch with people who are far away. My blog is like a photo journal of my life and lately a shrine to Jackson. :)

jasmine said...

this is such a thoughtful post, and i love your reasons for blogging. i totally know that "too exhausted to blog" feeling. it can be really tough to do, but i make myself do it almost every single day. i blog because i love it. it has really satisfied a creative desire in me. it keeps me inspired and helps me focus on the positive, happy things in life.

and some day, i hope that i will be able to use my blog to help others.

hope you guys are having a beautiful weekend, lindsey!

Shelley said...

I'm glad you are back...I love you! The artwork today is magnificent...

McCall said...

Let me just say that I love your blog! Not only do I think you are extremely talented but I think you are very inspirational. I love blogging and I know what it's like to feel like there is no time. I just had exams this past week and was even more stressed out thinking about blogging as well. I lover reading your blog and reading your comments on mine. Keep Blogging!!!

Sarah said...

What a lovely post! Your work is beautiful!! And I like that you keep it real and acknowledge the financial aspect of creating. It's important.

I blog because I look at amazing inspiration all day and I like to keep track of it, and eventually I will grow some balls and actually tell my friends and family far away that I have a blog so they can keep track of me. Also I want to remember right now and tomorrow and the next day, I want to scroll through my blog and remember something from every day.

Have a wonderful Sunday!