Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crystals on Crimson

When I was in High School I was fortunate enough to have an extensive art department which, among others, boasted a watercolor class, that I took twice...that is when I wasn't ditching and hanging out in the drama room where discipline was noticably absent. Don't tell my mom.
My senior year, I did a study of my teacher's painting, a photo he took of these gorgeous fall leaves with an early layer of snow. While it's an only a study, I wish it hadn't it's been resigned to a life of zero commercial exposure, reproduction, or anything but private use. Why do I do that to myself?

I gleaned a great deal about how to paint snow from him, and thus, how to paint white. I learned that there is a lot of color in white snow, a white dress, white clouds.

This painting now hangs, looked upon with affection, above my parents' fireplace in Utah--warm, nearly melting, and safe from copyright infringement. Thanks Mr. Fuller.

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Melody said...

It is lovely Lindsey! I tried to explain that white is all colors to someone once but was unable to convince him, oh well.