Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Poinsettias on My Porch

It's been raining here a lot lately. I am so happy for our eternally dry climate when it rains, but I do not like cold, damp feet.
My students think I'm crazy when I say I don't like the rain. But these little So. Cal Beach Babies don't understand what it's like to have a snowy winter over a rainy one.

I say, if it's going to precipitate in the winter, and if it's going to be cold, it might as well be beautiful and white, covering the earth with a new blanket of purity. I know Taza is with me, we share an affinity for the state of Utah. She tells us all about it in the Rockstar Diaries.

As for us, I'm going to put on my raincoat and gollashes and brave this wet, wintry day. May you enjoy yours, whatever the weather brings you.


Federica said...

Beautiful photos!

Come visit me, there's a lovely Christmas Giveaway for all my readers!
Greetings from Italy,

alady'slife said...

Hail to thee great Spirit
may the rain bring frosty grapes for the ice wine on your table.
It's delicious.
The ying and yang of life lol

Kris said...

these pics are really pretty. Love the color!

ethel mary said...

your optimism truly inspires me.may you have the nicest holiday!=)