Wednesday, November 4, 2009


What are your Christmas Season traditions? You know, before the blessed day, what do you do in the weeks before? Do you drive around with family, noses pressed to cold windows with all the twinkling lights reflected in your wide eyes?

Do you go ice skating, mittened hands held with your favorite person? Or listen to the bell choir, attend a tree lighting, or watch the parade of boats?

We visit Point Loma lighthouse. Well, we did once. I'll call it a tradition, least I'd like it to become one.

How many times do you have to do something to make it a tradition? Surely more than once...


PS~Erin said...

During our first years of marriage, I tried to institute all of these "new" traditions for our new little unit. Well, my hubby felt it was all contrived, so I told him to make us one all our own. So now we have "first gift day". It marks our dating anniversary (back when we were 16 yrs old). We get to open one gift early, which totally serves me well bc I can hardly stand to wait until the big day to give the gifts I've been collecting for everyone. Now my kids get to join in on the fun. We just had ours: Japanese Barbie for the little gal, roller skates for the little guy, a watch for hubby and a magic mouse for me. Merry Christmas/Happy Anniversary to us!!

Other than that we do the advent calendar countdown that includes lots of fun stuff, but nothing that necessarily happens every year.

Love your new tradition!

Dionne said...

Our Traditions changed when we moved to the US. Back in Australia, the summer Christmases meant having a Beach BBQ and cold chicken sandwiches. Christmas Carols in shorts in the park. The only thing that stayed the same was busting open the Christmas Crackers at Christmas lunch. We still do that.

And then the day after Christmas in Australia is Boxing Day. Everyone in Australia watches cricket that day. This year, in honor of that, I am organizing a Cricket Match in California with friends. Fun times.

The Cherry Blog said...

aaaw lovely!! sadly the traditions my family and I had have faded over the years. we used to drive to and from london and count how many houses ahd twinkly lights. we used to open one present on xmas eve, and always leave a glass of milk for santa and his reindeer!

great blog xx

Kris said...

Our biggest tradition is cooking. FOOOOD!