Monday, March 1, 2010

Like Curtains In a Window

Do you ever notice that it's hard to be poetic about the tough experiences in your life?I feel that I can write about the awesome splendor of the clouds in the sky while I'm running, or comment on the trio of 3-piece suits having a business meeting while ankle deep in the waves, but when it comes to talking about the trials we've faced on our pursuits of home ownership and starting a family, I am not so open to the introspection.

Putting the difficulties of my life into perspective is harder than I imagined it to be.

My blog is imported to my Facebook page. Sometimes I forget this. There are different people who read my Facebook posts, and often I forget how vast my audience is. Oops.

Can I talk about my frustrations with home buying when my Realtor reads my blog? Can I talk about my class when my students read my posts? How do I let my far off friends and family in on our daily life when so many people seem to be peering into the window? Should I put up curtains?
A vague and eloquent euphemistic paragraph often seems to do the job, but how am I to be less superficial and a) give those strangers who read something interesting, while I also b) write a meaningful and vulnerable blog?

What experiences do you have with this? How have you combated this as a blogger?

I find that reading a girl's sob-story in ridiculously unclear, vague rhetoric is a bit whiny and meaningless. But then again, I've stumbled upon a blog or two in which it seems the writer is quite unaware how very public her account of her most recent girl-doctor visit is.
How well do you want your readers to know you? What do you want to read on a blog?

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passport in my pocket said...

it's true, I have a hard time with this as well! I try to balance the personal aspects with enlightening things, I guess... But I have definitely stumbled upon a few blogs that were VERY open with things, really like an online diary. I try to avoid posting topics that make me that vulnerable....