Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cotton Candy and Lollipops

When spring colors first start coming on the scene, I feel like I have to eat more candy, breathe more air, and go on picnics more. Fairs are around the corner, blossoms line the street on trees and sidewalks, and kites start to dot the skies.

Check out my springtime line-up now in the Etsy shop. There are a couple of super cute totes, one slouchy, one boxy. A snazzy felt "handkercheif" ring in it's own crocheted Tiffany box, and a hand felted peacock purse are lining the shelves in all their springy glory. Check them out today!

What lets you know it's springtime in your neck of the woods?


Kotori said...

Love that cute new tote Lindsey - it's fabulous and so fun for spring!

By the way... you won my giveaway!! Email your info girly and I'll pass it along!

Dionne said...

Love the spring colors. SO fun and vibrant. That's what gives spring away to me - the colors!

Elise said...

hooray for spring!! can't wait to see some flowers sprout up! we have some sunshine in our neck of the woods today. :)