Friday, March 5, 2010

Shoes in the City

I have a friend who stopped counting her shoes at pair 150.BTW: This is a little ATC I drew and gave to one of my students.

Are you a shoe-a-holic too?
What crazy collections do you keep in the closet, or out in plain sight?

Happy Friday, dear friends!


K said...

Your drawing is gorgeous!
I'm not a shoe person, but I do have a friend that keeps a 100 as she says "active" pairs. She moves around Europe a lot so she cannot have more because the moving service would cost too much.
A collection of mine? Elephants. Some on shelves, some still in boxes from the last move, waiting for new shelves.

Stephanie Anne said...

Cute Cute drawing!! I would love to be a shoe-a -holic! :) Right now I'm into fun hair accessories for my daughter . . . I spend way too much time making bows and flowers. :)

CAPow! said...

pssst: thank you so much for your lovely comment, you're too kind. I think we can consider it a mutual blog-crush!

ajia said...

haha Thanks! yeah once i make more things i wanna make an etsy account. haha this blog thing is kindqa fun

Jen Jacobs said...

LOVE (ALL CAPITALS) the drawing. Way cute. You are amazing. I can't understand shoe collectors but maybe just because I don't have the closet space to house them.