Monday, May 10, 2010

Green Improvements

While we have had our eyes opened to the extravagant cost of remodeling our kitchen, we've taken our shell-shocked hands to the yard.

Well, Jon has borne the brunt of the work, although I think it's fast becoming a hobby for him. Case in point: I was gone for the weekend and I came home to 30 square feet of new sod and two dozen new plantings. The next weekend a saw was purchased to prune the overgrown Yuccas. On Friday I was interrupted in my bikini by an inspection of the Palms which then were ripped out on Saturday.

That husband. He's amazing. I like mine.

So while I get a little sad when a tree has come to its end, I get excited to plant something new...I'm thinking jasmine.

I guess the kitchen is going to have to wait for now.


Ashley said...

Same thing here! I was out-voted by Iron Man, but I will definitely try to win the vote this week despite Robin Hood coming out - lol! I already told him it was my turn. ;) And planting is on our agenda for this weekend! I'm glad to hear your husband enjoys it so much! Hopefully mine will too! I know he likes the chopping down and the up-rooting!

Mike said...

So fun to get out out in the yard and make improvements. I love dealing with nature so much more than paint and nails.

I think you should plant Jasmine if you haven't already too.