Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Bits of the Future

While I've been busy making my home my own, it seems there is a tiny like-minded lady who is dong the same thing...and on my property!Do you see her? There she is! I was sitting in the garden, under our lilac bush (which is now more of a tree) and I was serenaded by the humming wing beat of a constantly coming and going hummingbird. When I finally stood to stretch, I noticed the little abode hung just above my head, as magical and inconspicuous as a mistletoe. I grabbed my camera for a few shots and found two tiny treasures inside.What a beautiful and exciting thing to, that is, and its process. When I was 9 years old I watched my little kittens be born and my loving and wise teacher-mother used the experience to train and grow my little mind.Here I am, a couple of decades later, and the wonder is not lost on me. Perhaps I can follow in Momma Hummingbird's footsteps soon and will make this home a nest full of little chicklets too. I had better watch closely, I have a feeling she has a thing or two to teach me.

1 comment:

Dionne said...

Oooh how cute! You have squatters on your property, lol. Adorable ones!