Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MY Museum Tunic a la A.M.H.

Anna Maria Horner. Love.

Skipping across her blog recently I found this post with a tutorial on how to make my own Museum Tunic.
I whipped up this ditty with some spare threads from my stash, and I even wore it out on the town. A smashingly delicious gallery opening by my friend Wade Koniakowsky (more about that later) and then a great show by local band, Lesands.

Now, I wasn't aware that A.M.H. used 54" fabric, so when my 45 inch stuff wouldn't quite fit around my hips, I panicked! Never mind, I'll just add a triangular side panel.

It was so stinking easy that I made a shorter tunic and didn't add the elastic waist, but sinched up a wide belt instead. (Sorry 'bout the phones work well for late night creativity).
Now go make one!


Mick and Tiff said...

Your talent amazes me!! I am so glad you are back to blogging. I love these pieces.

Btw- I am super jealous you are headed to Portland. Any way I can squeeze into your suitcase.....I am sure I could with this big belly, right? Have so much fun and give Cecily a hello from Utah!

Amber said...

I LOVE that fabric! So beautiful. What a great job you did. Just beautiful.

Gaia said...

Hi darling!
What a pleasure to have you back!
It has been a big surprise!!!!!!!
I hope you are doing very well!!
missed you!

Melody said...

Lindsey! Another great project! Good work!

alady'slife said...


I love the capri pants and top
Its always in style and you can use any type of material with the same pattern to give it evening and beach looks.