Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilt Philosophy

When I made this quilt for my cousin as a wedding gift, the only stipulation I sent along with it was to use it. Don't hang it on the wall, don't put it on a shelf. Use it. Get stains on it, wash it, use it.

All this love has, no doubt, added to the charm of this quilt. The ripples and softness is exactly what a quilt should be.

I think I'm going to start doing more of the same. What's your quilt philosophy?


A Lady's Life said...

I never made a quilt before and always wanted to. We have a quilt store nearby and they have quilts to die for. People make them like pictures to hang on walls. They are amazing and so beautiful and all hand made sorta like a jig saw puzzle.
They are not that big though. You can't really use them except maybe as a decorative throw on your bed so I can see why people would hang them, as they do Japanese wedding kimonos.
But a gift such as yours would be a treasure and a symbol of love. It reminds one that actions are louder than words.You made a beautiful quilt.:)

julie king said...

i have a few very old quilts that were made by my grandmother and great grandmother. i have them on display over a quilt rack but don't ever use them. our two mini schnauzer puppies sleep with us so . . . well you get the drift. i love the lovely creamy yellow color of the one you made.

FEDERICA said...

Hello sweetie! How are you?
I am sorry for my absence but these weeks are very very busy and crazy!
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter what it looks like, it matters that you made it all by yourself. this quilt philosophy comes out of my inexperience in knowing how to quilt and the very puffy, sometimes uneven-edged result. lol. i don't like following patterns very much; i usually start out with it and then do my own thing. but hey, even if it's not perfect, it's mine! :)