Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cousins' Dinner


The summer is coming to a close for Jon and I. We go back to work on Monday. But we couldn't feel more blessed, more filled up by the abundance of friends we've shared time with this summer. So many dinners, shows, visitors, vacations, barbeques, bike rides, and even mentoring have filled up our hearts like too-full summer picnic baskets.
One of the many joys is the bringing together of friends, like our cousins: Jon's cousin and mine both live with their husbands in Portland, only minutes from each other and never really knew it. During our visit we forced friendship upon them and hope they don't have too much fun up there without us.

When was the last time you got together with friends? What's your favorite thing to do? For us, it's EATING. Out or in, we'll take either.


Kris said...

looks like so much fun!!

A Lady's Life said...

Soo much fun when you can get all the cousins together.:)

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

we were over visiting just a couple of weeks ago...we love and have always loved going for walks...people get to switch up who they're walking with...and you get to chat with everyone!
Love your photos.

Elise said...

This makes me miss family. And you. Hope you had a blast! :)

Ashley said...

SO you might get these a lot because you have a lot of followers, but I gave you a little award/recommend on my blog today! I wanted to be sure to let you know because I talk about you in it. :) I also loved your last post about quilting. I sewed my first quilt this Summer.