Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ain't No Old Timer Yet

Bones creaking more than before.

Nine o'clock is the preferred bed time.

Make sure to get my fiber.

Dinner no later than five.

But I ain't no old timer just yet.

Last week we chaperoned our students' Jr./Sr. Retreat on Catalina Island where we snorkeled, kayaked, hiked, stayed up late, worshiped early, and rarely ever sat still. {PS: my team won the competitions and I get to wear jeans to work all week *gloat*.}

Then we recouperated by heading up to the in-laws' to go waterskiing, swimming, have a luncheon, cook a big meal, and never sit down because our arms were full of little nieces and nephews.

So...today I thought it would be fun to get a cold. Just to make sure everyone knows how hard I played.

Image here.


cee + kell said...

Love that owl, Lou. LOVE it!

Sorry you don't feel so hot. Miss and love you.


Scarlett said...

I feel the same way! It's not how old you are it's how young you feel, right? Well, right now, I feel pretty old.