Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bumps and Boos

Lots of babies and new life. I'm so proud of these mamas.
My sweet cousin in law in Portland is really starting to show a bit of a belly at 16 weeks!

This dear friend in Sweden posts weekly pics and has titled the documentation as "From Poppyseed to Watermelon."

And yesterday little Katherine Ryan arrived, ready to play with her big sister, wrap around Daddy's finger, and snuggle for ever with her lovely mama, my college roommate, Kelli.
Ladies: My heart is so full with excitement as I get to share in your victories; your difficult ones and those of a few more who have yet to announce their own accomplishments.
I hope this is encouraging to those of us who are waiting for a Stork-y visit of our own, and may I share my new outlook:
The fact that this can happen is celebration for me too;
I get to share in your victory because
the GOD that has done this is MY GOD too!
PS: not sure whyblogger isn't letting me format my paragraph...sorry for the difficult read


PS~Erin said...

Such a sweet post. I too had to wait (very impatiently) for the stork to visit us. I have two little blessings now. The second one was sped along with the help of fertility acupuncture. Hang in there.

Jessie said... are so dear to my heart and i am CONFIDENT that our good Lord gave us each other for a reason. you make me a better me...and this world a better world. bless you from head to toe. xo p.s. baby J is so flattered he got to make a debut on your blog! wow :)

Dionne said...

Yay for babies! It certainly does seem to be baby season! They are sprouting up everywhere!