Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebration Sale

I can't believe it's already October.  We sort of got cheated out of a summer, weather-wise.  

The other day a random glance out the window was greeted not by the sun-shiny 97 degrees of the previous day, but a torrential downpour that has been unloading ever since.  While on an errand I snapped a phone pic of the storm with a little peek of sun reminding me that this too shall pass.

I love fall.  And I love Etsy.  What started as a silly little hobby (and evolved into a potentially less silly hobby, and now is again just a hobby...with just a hint of future potential) has yeilded this little crafter

99 sales!  

What a fun game!  I'm always saying that I'd be making all this stuff anyway, so instead of stuffing it in a closet, I might as well let others enjoy it, right? Right.

So I think this calls for a celebration!  To celebrate, I would like to offer
{10% OFF to my 100th sale over at my shop.} 

There's only one 100 and it could be YOU!  Please share in my elation and enjoy your side of the cookie.  I love you all; thanks so much for the support and fulfillment you all are in my life.


Dionne said...

Yay for 99! And here's to 100 more lots of 99 sales to come!

A Lady's Life said...

Thats what I do I make things and stuff them in a closet hahahaha
Then I am pleasantly surprised when I find things I forgot I had lol
One day I hope to pass them on to some worthy person lol