Monday, October 11, 2010

Hitler's Maps

I've been doing a lot of collages lately for gifts.  I really like the immediacy of a collage.  I love that it's not like I'm making something out of nothing, like I usually do with a painting.

I found a National Geographic with lots of lovely maps and quickly stashed them in my collage pile.  It wasn't until I was arranging them on my workspace that I realized they were all of Hitler's old maps.  Oops.  This was supposed to be a wedding present!  I won't tell if you don't.  They're just too pretty!

So I think I'll secretly call this "Hitler's Tea Party" or "What Hitler Does on a Day Off."  Is that totally tasteless?! Any better ideas?


A Lady's Life said...

Gosh between my Weimer Republic money and your Hitler maps, it's a small world.
Guess there is a message there somewhere, that we have to be careful.
The maps are pretty ...with the butterfly and such but do they show anything historical that this man did? If they do then it is in good taste because you are giving history, a moment captured in time.

If not then keep it as map art. lol

Scarlett said...

Ha! That is too fuuny! You are right. It is beautiful, though.

Dionne said...

This is so pretty! But that name?!!!