Monday, January 17, 2011

I Resolveth Not

I know I'm not the only one who doesn't make New Year's Resolutions.

I do believe that the New Year is a great time for a New Start.  I've already started off with a Daniel Fast, mostly as a support to my non-vegetarian friends, seeing as how it's not much different from my normal eating habits.  I definitely miss sugar, bread, cheese, and caffeine (a little...not much as I thought I would).

For those of you who are thinking about eating healthier, I have this one bit of advice: do NOT think of it as a diet.  Anything that is meant to be a permanent change is not meant to have a semi-permanent mind set.

Any of you who are doing something like the 21 day Daniel Fast (which mimic's Daniel's diet while in captivity, refusing to eat non-kosher food, instead living off mainly veggies, and still ending up looking stronger and more handsome than anyone else in prison), or any other temporary goal I have this one bit of advice: you can do ANYTHING for 21 days!!!  I mean it!  If you can wrap your head around the fact that you can run really hard for just 5 minutes, or not eat something for just one are powerful, and a force to be reckoned with!

Take this New Year by the horns, and do something you never thought you could.  Don't make a resolution that is out of reach; most people have already dropped theirs by now.  Choose to make each day new, and know that God's mercies are new each morning.


cee + kell said...

hey...I know that inspiration board! ;)

love you, cuz. happy new year!

Ashley said...

In the great words of Tim Gunn, "Make it work!" This year is going amazingly for so many people. I hope you have an awesome 2011.

A Lady's Life said...

Awgh! I am bad at resolutions. I think the best way to lose weight is to keep busy and out of the kitchen lol
Not easy for Moms lol

Phoenix said...

Love this! I never make New Year's resolutions for this exact reason - either I'm going to make gradual, healthy changes to my patterns of behavior, or I'm gonna fail. Starting out with a bang on New Year's might be an adrenaline rush but I don't know many people who can quit smoking AND run a marathon AND give up meat in one year, let alone one month.

It's all about the gentle emergence into becoming the person we want to be...