Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Story in Six Words

Spoonful by Virginia Ray

I receive each week a little newsletter called Etsy Success.  There are super helpful and creative morsels, dealt out in little spoonfuls, to devour and spark artistic and entreprenurial endeavors through the marketplace.

Yesterday, one of the spoonfuls was to share your story in 6 words.  Here is an excerpt from the article by Linda Garbe:

Challenge #1: Your Story in Six Words

Many years ago Hemingway was asked to write a six-word story. In the same spirit, Smith Magazine has been challenging people to write their memoir in six words. Get more inspiration and info about this project on NPR.
Fill sheets of paper with adjectives that describe you. What are your best attributes? Think about what is most important to you. What do you value most? Your shop and your six-word memoir should make sense. Your story and your shop need to be in alignment.

It takes longer to write a good short story. You have to give it a lot of thought. After much thought and trying endless combinations my memoir is: “Storyteller addicted to color and texture.” 

I had quite a few 6-word stories and certainly couldn't decide which was the best, but here are a couple:

Colorful, playful, and just living easy.

I create because I was created. 

And check out this great zine on the art of being happy by Spoonful

What would your 6-word story be?   


Dionne said...

I LOVE your stories! Especially the second one.

Hmmm.... I am not sure what mine would be, but now I will sooo be thinking of one!

A Lady's Life said...

To eat, slurp,lick,grind, spoonfuls.

lyndsey | paper girl said...

ooh, deep. hmmm. maybe mine would be "living life the best i can." ha! just came up with that off the top of my head!

Phoenix said...

Awesome! Okay, here's mine:

Loudly energetic prayerful girl keeps loving.


PS do you know what Hemingway's six word story is? It's gorgeously, heart-wrenchingly brilliant. A friend told it to me years ago.

"For sale: baby shoes. Never worn."