Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yoshimi and the Pink Robot

I often play Pandora in my art classes and one of my favorite stations is MGMT.  While we don't hear too many tunes by this group, for some reason the Flaming Lips song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots comes on quite often, especially during second period.
The kids have adopted that song as their anthem, and Yoshimi as their mascot.  Yesterday, one of the girls asked me to draw Yoshimi for them, so I obliged.  How could I not?

What do you listen to while you are being creative?  Do you have the TV on in the background, or streaming radio, or audio books?  If you listen to Pandora, what are some of your favorite stations?

For your listening pleasure, here are some of my favorite Pandora stations:
Blind Pilot (please listen!)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra (honestly you will LOVE this)
Mates of State (a very fun little station)


carla thorup said...

what a brilliant little drawing! and my go to station is florence and the machine, but i will try out your starters this week instead.

Dionne said...

Love the drawing! SO cute!

I like listening to Frank Sinatra or the Amelie soundtrack. But I am looking forward to checking out your recommendations here!

A Lady's Life said...

aww we don't get Pandora in Canada. :(