Monday, February 14, 2011

Speaking of Love

 These are some things I'm loving on today, NOT of the  Valentine Variety.

Join the Circus by Helen Dardik
Boards of Summer by Elgarbo Art
The Woodland by Ina Luxe

Birthday Bunding yarn wreath by Itz Fritz
 Tonight the hubs and I have a meeting until 5 and then head off to our first adoption class until 9.  So romantic, I know.  But I did open the shower door to a new athletic tank and jacket for my running excursions.  Love that guy.

Help me out here, how are you celebrating love?


A Lady's Life said...

Oh ya.
We celebrate it every day.
I guess you guys are looking to increase your family.
Nothing better than with a child.
Good job.

Phoenix said...

I'll admit it - we are still in the honeymoon phase and so we enjoy doing stuff for Valentine's Day. But it's the every day stuff with my guy that I absolutely love - like staying in, cooking, and watching Sixteen Candles, which is what we did Sunday night.

It was perfect - and lovely. :)

bicocacolors said...

great selections and great blog,
i like a lot!
thanks and greetings from Spain