Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink Cheeks

Kisses make my cheeks pink.

Here are a few mail-kisses I sent out for a Handmade Valentine Swap this year.  I've been doing a lot of collages lately and these were four original pieces I sent as valentines in a romantic glassine envelope.  Some of them were stitched, some painted on, some hole-punched, all original.  I hope my girls heart them; I've loved receiving mine so far!

What makes you blush?


lyndsey @ the stationery place said...

ooh, so cute! i love how they turned out! the collage is such a fun idea. thanks for posting, i'll include this in my roundup next week :)

Scarlett said...

I blush when my husband shows me PDA once in a blue moon. So sweet. Love the cards!

Carissa said...

so pretty and creative! with my fair skin, just about anything makes me blush but kisses do top the list! :)